NO DK CH Newground Among The Waves - Helle

Helle is from the same town as we live in. Some years ago in 2000 we was about to buy a MBT, but a friend of us told us about all the health risks, so we ended that time up with a new Dobermann.

When the breeder told me that they expekted a litter of MBT's I was so surtain that I didn't want a MBT so I went to visit them - and was lost. They tried to warn me about the MBT, but I wouldn't listen. So when Helle was 8 weeks I took her home.

When she was 1 year I came to the conclusion that it wasn't good for Helle and me to have her - so I asked my friend Lasse if he wanted her. So today we co-own her, and Helle lives with him at his home in Trondheim. I am forever greatful that Lasse would take her and she has the time of her life with him.

Helle needs just to be 2 years to gain her Norwegian Champions title. If it stops there - only time will tell.

Kennel Nordic Sephir

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