Forever in my heart

I pet your coat,

But your tail does not wag anymore.

Your eyelids are closed

Over eyes that will not see again.

Your big heart has stopped beating

Never more run, jump, go.

Everything is over .... it's over now.

I put my head down against your,

And the tears drip like blood.

Never again will it be as before,

Never again "us two".

Like pouring cold inside me

I feel something die with you

I have to go, they say. I'm going towards a door.

Outside, life goes on like before.

I'm turning around - you're laying there quiet.

You can not come, even if you wanted to.

I just want to scream, but I close my mouth.

Kennel Nordic Sephir

wenche(a)    phone 0047 479 00 774