We live in a small town located in the north of Norway called Tromsø. We started our doghistory in 1997 with Dobermanns and in 2004 we got our first female. In 2006 we got our first Miniature Schnauzer female and in 2007 we got a Miniature Schnauzer male.

The first litter was born in 2006 and was our first and only litter of Dobermanns.

In 2008 our first litter of Miniature Schnazuer was born, and from this litter we kept one female. 1 year on we got our second litter and also here we kept 1 female.

The intention of my breeding is to try to be selfsufficiant with dogs.


Dogshowing is a huge part of my doglife and I have been to Sweden and Finland to show my dogs. We have also been to several winner-shows and mostly all our dogs are champions, and I hope more will follow.


In 2010 we got our first Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Kennel Magicpower's in Helsinki, Finland. We wanted a showdog - and oh my did we get one.

Magicpower's Memphis is his name, and at the age of 2 years and 4 days he was Champion in 3 countries. After him we also have his son and daughter, Kaasbulls All For Love - Austin and his Bull I Nord Million Dollar Baby - Vegas.


May 2017 we got a little cutipie - Nora or Norheimtunet's Rumour as her pedigree say came to us in april. She is our little clown, and I feel honored that I got to buy her from Norheimtunet kennel.


In may 2017 our first litter of Staffies was born, only 2 male pups and both live in Our hometown.


I also co-own a Miniature Bull Terrier with my friend Lasse Vito Vollvik at Vollbull kennel.

June 2015

When my Austin got his Norwegian Champion-title, and was BOB and 2. Best In Show

Kennel Nordic Sephir

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